I woke up not feeling as tired as I thought I’d be. I suppose the hot water spring healed me a bit. But it was still a lazy morning knowing that I’ll be leaving this peaceful haven.


Fishing for life!!


We started trekking at 8.00am. The trek was uphill until we reached the senaru peak. The path was much better than the first day because it was an actual dirt path. There were some tricky spots along the way where you’ll climb rocks or cling to something. Thankfully it was not raining, or it would have been slippery and dangerous.



We over passed a lot of people along the way, because we were probably the trekkers that stopped the least. We just kept going. The plan was to reach the senaru exit point of the trek before nightfall. No more camping.

Check out that badass stache

After the senaru peak, it was downhill all over again. There was this particular track that was red brownish with sands and small rocks. It was steep and slippery because the rocks would roll down as you step. We decided to scoot down on our butts just like on a slippery slope. Why? Because it looked fun. Reza cut his hands whilst scooting down. Kids, when you’re about to do stupid shit like this, always be careful! Haha



Trying to become a pro photographer


We reached the exit at 17.00pm. It was still in the forest, but there was a hut, and a shop, with people, and dogs, and motorbikes parking. I took off my sweat-soaked shirt and bought a cold coke and chugged it down in seconds. I laid on my back, and I’ve never felt such relief in a very long time.


Within 15 minutes, rain poured down. Heavy. We took shelter. Trekkers started arriving after us. There’s still another 30 minute walk until real civilization. But we had to wait as it was raining.

The rain didn’t stop and it was already 18.00pm. It was dark but we had to move to find a place to sleep.

We geared up, put on the raincoats,  torchlights in hand and by 18.30pm we started moving again.

We walked in line like a bunch penguins queuing, waiting to jump into the ocean. The cemented path was wet as water rushes downhill. We had to go into the dirt path only for better footing. Walking from rock to rock while supporting the backpack weight was actually better than on slippery cement.

We even got separated. Sammy and I were the last of the line. His headlight went off. We stopped. But Reza, Aji and Gandhi kept walking. They didn’t realize that we wanted to stop, because the sound of rainfall was a little too loud and of course it was also dark. They left us T__T

Sammy took out the battery, put it back in, tapped on it. Still didn’t work. Tried it again, but the battery fell out to the fucking ground. Couldn’t see where it fell and it’s probably drowning in water.

Under the heavy rain, I opened my backpack and rustled to grab my spare torchlight. We spent a good 5 minutes. Just the two of us and no one passing by. “Yow dude, what if something shows up. Wolves and shit you know.” We just couldn’t stop laughing in fear. It was the scariest walk of my life.

As we walked slowly, we met Gandhi standing on his own. His shoes didn’t have enough grip and he was actually scared to keep walking because he kept slipping. Aji and Reza also had left him. We were like, “Yo you asshole, how could you leave us like that” Haha.

Aji and Reza were already waiting for us at the nearest hostel. We said our goodbyes to our superhero, Mang Udin the Porter. They should make a movie for these guys. Total badasses.

We bargained for 2 rooms and cleaned ourselves. Taking a bath was literally scraping dirt of my skin. Having dinner on an actual table was good. The sweet hot tea was excellent that everyone ended up ordering seconds. The comfort of a bed was so good too. Oohhhh civilization.

Pictures are credited to Gandhi and Aji.