We stayed at the peak of Mount Rinjani for about 2 hours until we decided it was too cold for comfort. Aji stared at his thermometer as it kept going down to 8 deg Celcius. It’s actually not that cold, but it was way too windy.

As we were trekking down, I could see people paragliding from the peak. That’s cheating. They can probably glide directly to the airport too. If only I knew how to paraglide. Well… Someone probably died carrying those gliders to the top. So I guess that’s fair lol.I feel bad for the people that were still trying to reach the peak as some people trekked down. The steep part of the mountain was all rocks and pebbles. Trekking down in baby steps was painful on the legs, so almost everybody went down in full speed racing mode. You just couldn’t stop the momentum.

Going back down

Dust rose from the rocks following every asshole that was speeding down. Including me. Think of road runner from that cartoon. That’s what it looked like.

People making mini dust storm

Every time I pass someone, they would cover their mouths and nose. I had my buff covering my neck up to my nose and sunglasses covering my eyes. So I was okay. Too bad I left my gopro hand-mount at the camp. I’m pretty sure it would have made an epic video when I sprinted down.

My getup
Resting at a rock waiting for the boys to come down
Segara Anak Lake on the background
You can see civilization down there
Our campsite
A peek of Segara Anak Lake
The 5 man special forces!

We arrived back at the camp at 10 am. Mang Udin was already preparing some delicious brunch for us. The plan after brunch was trekking down to Segara Anak Lake and set up tent for the night. We were so tired by that point, but he told us to not be a pussy lol. He said that we were actually pretty fast and surprisingly strong. Probably he never portered a group of people with such spirit and youth!

Post-brunch. One last song before moving again.

The path to the lake was a little bit different. Some areas were built with handrails. Stones were set up on the ground as path ways. It was not perfect but it helped because the path is slippery and steep.

I can feel the weight of my bag on my leg every time I put one feet down to support myself. It felt like it was giving out. We definitely took more breaks. But not Mang Udin. With all that heavy stuff he’s carrying, he just kept going, normal walking pace like all other porters, and disappearing before us. These guys are superheroes.

People taking their time on the hike to the lake. If you can see, foreigners barely carry anything. That’s why they’re faster and not as tired.

2 of the funniest moments were when we had to take a break because Sammy suddenly had to take a shit haha and the second one was when he suddenly said, “Yow dude I can’t walk slow anymore I feel like I’m gonna pass out if I slow down or stop so I’ll just go ahead if that’s okay” He could barely breathe properly.

After roughly 4 hours, we arrived at the lake. The air was very cool. There were a lot of tents. People were just chilling wrapped in their sarung. Some were fishing on the edge of the lake. Oh man if only we brought fishing rods.

Segara Anak camping ground

A lot of Indonesian trekkers come to Mount Rinjani just to spent 2-3 extra nights on the lake. It was very peaceful. We didn’t plan for this and I somewhat regretted it.

If you plan on staying long here, fishing is a must.

Right before night time arrived, we went to the nearby hot water spring. It was excellent. People believed that it had healing energy. But I don’t really look at things from a mystical point of view. Maybe hot water just speeds up muscle recovery. I don’t know.

The water smelled and tasted like sulphur, but that didn’t stop anyone from jumping in. There were a lot of small hot water pools, and it was filled with people. It was hot, yet very relaxing. That’s the only thing that mattered.

As the night hit, it became very cold. Fog appeared out of nowhere and you couldn’t even see past 3 meters. It was time to sleep.

Darkness is coming

Pictures are credited to Gandhi and Aji.

to be continued…