That awesome moment when,

– you are sitting down staring at your computer, when a mouse shows up by your doors,

– you immediately yell out so hard in surprise whilst smashing your hands on the table,

– the mouse skids off in one direction, and you stand up, grab something in your hand with the intention of bashing the mouse’s skull in,

– yeah, like you’d have the balls to even look at it, but nonetheless still walk towards where the mouse went,

– poke the shoe racks with your so-called weapon,

– when suddenly a fucking-fat-filthy-hairy-ass mouse magically appears, and decides to run between your legs,

– le wild scared-ass girls’ scream suddenly comes out from your mouth, and doing little girly jumps trying to avoid physical contact,

– the moment after the mouse is not on sight anymore,

– you yell out a raging warcry, “OOHHH, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE MESSED WITH ME, YOU’RE SO FUCKED!!”,

– grab a new weapon, and a shield, probably,

– chase after the mouse, while banging on the walls screaming like a retard,

– see the mouse fuckin scared of his nimble worthless life,

– it tries to climb the towel rack, clinging on towels like a tarzan,

– do an awesome half-a-metre leap from the rack to the wired window,

– starts climbing on the wires for 5 seconds, just like a rock climbing athlete,

– goes out the window through a tiny escape hole made by the mouse beforehand,

– and finally manages to survive from your ongoing rampage of laughter,

– and you thought you should have recorded that,

– so damn priceless.

Yeah, just happened to me. The most exciting moment of my life!!!