6 in the morning.

My phone rang. My mom’s picture came up. I picked it up.

Mom : Hi boy. Good morning.

Me : Good morning nda.

Mom : How are you?

Me : Hhahaha….

Mom : What’s funny? *Bunda giggles

Me : It’s still 6 am. And you’re already asking me how I’m doing. I’m OK. But there’s nothing to report about, since I’ve done nothing so far.

Mom :  Hhahaha… Oww. Okay. I see. Well, what are you doing today?

Me : Ummm.. Nuuhhh.. Nothing in mind, yet.

Mom : Ow Okay. You want bakwan?

Me : Hhehe. Sure, why not.

(My mom always jokes around when there’s food back at home. She knows me as the sort of stingy lazy ass that usually don’t go out early in the morning for some food. When bunda offers me something, she’ll say, ‘You want sarabi, puluik, sarikayo, durian’ ; I’ll always say ‘sure’. We’ll both laugh.)

Mom : Wanna talk to ayah?

Me : Sure.


Dad : Booooyyyy!!

Me : Hi yah. What’s up?

Dad : Clean my aquarium!!

Me : Hhaha. Dirty again?

Dad : Yeeess.. It’s dirty.

(When I was still back in Padang, the aquarium was one of my chores. I had to buy the food, the filter, clean it and all other things aquarium-related. Ayah also jokes around a lot if something came up back at home. ‘Boy, the dvd can’t turn on, the motorbike’s got flat tyre, the electrical circuit is damaged’. I’m the mechanic if I’m at home. I fix everything. Hhe. )

Me : Hhaha. How many fishes left in there?

Dad : 4 left. The black one, the big one, and two small ones.

Me : Wow. Last time I checked there were still 10 left. The big one prolly ate em all.

Dad : Hhaha. Maybe. But I like the big one. So, I’m keeping it.

Me : Hhe. Okay. How are you?

Dad : I’m fine.

Me : Okay then.

Dad : Okay boy. Take care. Bye.

Me : Bye.

The two people I love most.