After these past few days, the blood finally has come rushing back to me. I was in a serious mental state of disorientation. Hhe. You know the usual deal. College.

After having some serious thoughts and receiving enlightments from my good friends, I’ve finally decided what I’ll do. I’m gonna drop some class, and take new ones. Classes that have better chance of not failing that is. It won’t help as much as taking the old ones, and that’s only if I were to receive better marks. Guess I won’t be anyway. I’m just bored taking the old classes..

I’ve heard the talks a lot. People misjudging me of my decision. But who cares what’ll happen if I do this. It don’t matter much to me now. If you must know, life is one long road. There’ll be many things to see, and many places to stop by. You just gotta ride the ride. This will be final decision, and there won’t be any regrets from now on. Hopefully no more.

Gotta keep up the pace. I’m the best. Blegedez. Lol.