It’s only been the third day of fasting, and I’m starting to get used to it. Waking up at 3 in the morning; forcing some food into my stomach considering how difficult it is eating right after waking up; wait another couple of minutes for subuh adzan to echo through the fresh cold air; and sleep right afterwards.

I don’t usually sleep right after; that’s why I’ve been waking these past three days (at 9 am) with a headache that pierces my skull. It would take a few hours for the headache to calm. It is pretty damn annoying, but hey, can’t help it since it’s so tempting to sleep. Why? It’s cold. It’s cold. And it’s cold. Also, my semester will start on the 8th, might as well keep sleeping before i get busy again.

Tarawih has been quite interesting so far. Not that “Tarawih has become interesting”, but what happens when Tarawih prayers are pretty amusing to me.

1. There was this dude that was so totally sleepy during the preacher. He was seating beside me. His head was rocking so hard, with eyes closed of course, as if he was in a Metallica concert. I should have recorded it.

2. I have never seen so many people rise back up, after the fourth rakaat of the tarawih up to this day. The Imam made the mistake of rising back up where he should have sat for the final salawat. But no… He stood up and the rest of the flock just followed in an instant until somebody yelled Subhanallah. Pretty funny if you think of it.

3. On the second day of tarawih, the Imam kept reading long(-ass) verses that made my leg wobble every second that passed by. A dude on my right gave out a huge sigh when the Imam kept reading although is seemed like he was going to stop. I nearly laughed. He looked like he just lost a million bucks… Hha