Have you ever written a letter to yourself, to be read a year from now? You don’t hear that everyday. Hha.

I’ve just read an article on the net about this. It was posted in the WordPress daily post. No specific instructions. Only write one, and open it the year later, and see how surprised you are at what you wrote or maybe found how interesting the experience was, or not.

Surprisingly enough, there were many comments on it that I thought was quite interesting. The people that had wrote the letter the year before were quite surprised at what they had done the year later. Most of them wrote things as simple as expectancies for the next year, like “I will do this”, “I would have done that by now”, or “I would have traveled there” and such things. Someone actually said they wrote “I’m gonna find a cure for cancer” which I think is totally hilarious. No matter how serious it is you’ll probably still have a good crack at what you had written.

Having things not working out as what you thought it would be, is pretty hilarious. Especially if it is something so important. Well, I hope it will be funny, because I’m really thinking of writing a letter to future-me. Hopefully I’ll have a good laugh next year.

Come to think of it, I’ve always been wondering what will my life become next year. Will I have graduated? Will I go out on dates again (I just recently had one. Hha)? Will I go to Malaysia (to watch some freestyle soccer competition that Didit want to go to), or maybe somewhere close, Pangandaran (this holiday plan has never come to realisation. damn). Will I go bungee jumping although how impossible it seems? Hha.

It struck me so hard I nearly pissed my pants, hha. I thought it might work as a motivation to myself, seeing how much distress I’m in right now. So here goes.


Dear Future Willy

Wow dude. What an awesome year you had. The first and foremost thing I’d like to say is a big fat congratulation on your graduation. Well, I know how rough it had been with all the studies, homeworks and pain-ass final task, and I’m actually surprised that you could actually pull it off with that huge smile on your face. Epic. Congratulations.

I guess now you’re laughing at what you had joked at your friends a long time ago. You’re finally an unemployed fresh graduate, for the time being that is. Hha. Eat that. Not too bad though. Sleeping, playing games, laughing all night long at each other at rukun, and probably doing some freestyle soccer everyday by now.

Speaking of which, you probably have some nice tricks up your sleeve by now. You still remember how hard it was to do a touzani and michi around the world? For once or twice or maybe thrice, you actually smacked your own knee into your face. The crutch didn’t take it too well either. Well, not anymore right? Hha. You finally managed to do a Pale around the world. Nicely done. Hha.

How did that Malaysian tour go? You didn’t managed to go there right? Thought so. I guess you were too busy, or more like no-money-for-the-travel-expenses kinda busy. Hha. That’s okay, you’ll have money in a couple of  months from now, at least from a decent salary paying job. Well at least you finally get to go to Pangandaran and that Green Canyon, right? Pretty good I guess. I hope you’ve got another great photo of yourself, framed and placed next to you computer desk.

Yet again, you’ve surprised me. You finally quit smoking, for good. Not that it wastes money, but it’s the matter of having and living a healthy life. Worth the effort. How did you that? Tell me the story once you’ve read this letter, okay?

This might sound corny, but nice going on the girl. You finally have found ‘the right someone’ to wake you up in the morning with a phone call, to go out on dinner, and laugh at the jokes you crack. You had your way with the ladies, and it’s been a bumpy ride. This one’s alright. Nope, more than that. Excellent I would say. Don’t lose her.

But then again, if things don’t go according to plan, I’m still happy for you. I still wish you all the best, and don’t you ever go anywhere less than that, because you deserve the best dude.

Live long, be happy and live your life to it’s fullest.

The best friend that you never had.

Past Willy.

30 July 2011.