i quite remember the last time i played bowling. it was in last year when i was still back in Melbourne. i think it was an elective day, and we get to choose doing whatever we want for that whole day, of course it has been listed out. i chose bowling. the one thing that i certainly could not forget is the fact that my arms weren’t strong enough to carry a bowling ball. let alone to throw and slide it down the alley. but still, i scored almost 100 points, which is pretty good i guess, for a noob with such small arms. hha

last friday, me and a couple of my dudes went out to go bowling. yudi was in town. he’s a medical student studying in Unand-padang. but he was here for the holidays. his girlfriend, ning, whom is studying Unpad (also a medical student) came as well. the others were frezy, didit, imuse, and aid.

after putting on some bowling shoes, everyone had their turn to show some action. sweet action. stupid action really. hha. none of us has ever played bowling, except for me and didit. but i played like 7 years ago, and that time hiatus is turning me a noob again.hhe. but, as you all should know, we’re all aĀ  pretty talented bunch, so it was not such a big deal on learning bowling. it looked pretty easy as well. i gues it was the comic bowling king that we have been reading since our days as kids. hha. so we just had to get up there and do some magic.

after a whole series of throws, i managed to end second between all others. didit came first. and the rest were just no match for us. hha. i managed to get a strike, and a couple of spares. my score was 109. pretty good, i think, right?

not to forget the pain that you get from it. my middle and ring finger feels pretty sore right after that, and also for the whole day. while my forearm felt powerless for the next 2 days. it even hurts a lot more than lifting a dumbbell. hha