a couple of days ago, i was walking back home from campus. it was somewhere around 4 in the afternoon. i decided to walk pass the huge ITB toilet, the main library.

right after passing the library’s main entrance i saw something glowing 2 metres in front of me. tadaahhhh… believe it or not it was a Red 100.000 bill… 😯

i came near it, and looked around. there were no signs that someone just passed right through this way. so i guess someone might have dropped it quite some time ago. and the funny thing is, there were a couple of other people passing by it, not exactly right on front of it. but somehow, it just had to be me who was destined to snatch it of its misery lonely live.. :mrgreen:

well damn, since no one seemed to have claimed it first, i guess it’s my luck after all… booze is on me guys…