i did not realise how busy i was, till i checked out my blog. the last time i posted something was 2 weeks ago…

there have been a ton of homeworks for me to finish. although most of subjects that i’m taking aren’t compulsory ones, they do still give you lots of homework. and not so easy to finish. well, this is probably why i don’t blog that often, like how i was…

last friday, we had a class at the 3 on the afternoon. truthfully speaking it was so boring that most of us slept. well, i did not. but i still didn’t pay attention enough. once you get to college, you’ll realise how suck a friday afternoon class is. i mean right after jumat prayer, people usually have lunch, and then sleep. because it just feels right that way. although this class was only an additional class due to the holidays we’ve been having, that did not stop us from sleeping. hha

by the end of the class, we realised that one of my friend, adek, was still sleeping soundlessly. he was sitting back to the wall, with his head leaning on the wall. everyone damn laughed. people started to take photos. and then, the crazy ass idea popped up. we decided to just leave him there, and let him rot.. hhahaha…

so then we left the class empty, and stood together on the door.we sent messages, but he still didn’t wake up. we’re like, whaaatttt?!?!.. he really was sleeping. so we really decided that we should just leave him there.

after quite some time, maybe about 30 minutes, my friend decided to call.

friend : hey dude. where are ya?

adek : fuccckkkkkkk….. (he just realised that he was still in the class,,, alone, and late) shitheads…..

everyone : huhuhuahahahaha….

so, that’s how the story goes. moral of the story, don’t sleep in class when your friends are jerks. :mrgreen: