i lost my futsal match. it sucks. we keep losing again and again. hell, maybe football/futsal is not one of the things that God has planned for me to win. hopefully there’ll be something else.

the good news is, KMPN won the volleyball finals on that thursday night, as usual. hha… we came there as supporters against HME which had a huge crowd of supporters. our voice didn’t stand a chance, but we kept singing all the way. for our teams we’ll gladly have a sore throat for the next morning, and yes, that’s what i’m having right now. i’m so proud of my friends.. hha…

a funny thing happened yesterday. it happened to my friend michael aid. it all started after watching the football finals at saraga. we went home with angkot. there were like maybe seven of us. the were a couple of people in the angkot, but we managed to fit in. so we sat down, and aid’s friend was in it, a chick. they said ‘hi’ in a nonchalant way with a little nod.

so, when we were about to get off, aid said…

aid : duluan ya.. (with a friendly smile)

but nothing happened. she didn’t even looked at him. so he said again…

aid : febi… !!! (while trying to say bye)

and she still didn’t glance at him. suddenly the joy of life burst out in the angkot. all of my other friends giggled, only a little bit. but hell, you know me right, i cracked up as if i had i pineapple stuffed in my ass. hha.. i mean i really really laughed…. my other friends started to laugh as well, although not as crazy as me. some other people that we didn’t knew also had a good crack.

aid was miserable for the next 15 minutes. we all laughed at him, and my friends all laughed at how i reacted. i mean, who in god’s world do not laugh at that? hhaha.. aid just got served..