i just got back from watching the futsal finals at my campus. it was hectic cause there were so many supporters from a certain team.

i went to watch it with a couple of my friends because we thought that it was gonna be good. but, things didn’t go as planned. we, at least i did not manage to get a clear view of the match. all i could see was ugly looking back side of other supporters… hhaha.. there were too many heads in front of me. and they all smell… i could only see half side of the court, barely through openings between those heads…and all you could hear was shouts and loud screeching noise of horn honks whenever a goal is scored.

tomorrow evening will be the finals for the volley. KMPN, as always gets through to the finals. and yeah, we will be facing this same department that has this mass crazy ass supporters. as you might know, at the last ganevo volleyball cup at ITB, KMPN won against this same team. because we were good. hopefully we’ll end up another volley champion. we’ll finally be proud of a single gold medal that we’d get… i’ll be drinking a ton of water tonight to preserve the quality of my false toned voice for tomorrow’s KMPN anthem of course… hhaha. may we win, hope dreams come true..

tomorrow morning is also my quarter finals match in a futsal competition. i’ll be playing as usual.. hhe.. this time i’m not playing for  KMPN, but UKM. and my team mates are my homeboys.. hhaha.., pray that we win okay…