after a week of no internets, we finally managed to pay the bill.. hha. and we only did it through the atm machine. the pathetic lazy bum kinda group of people.. ha yeah, that’s what we are.. :mrgreen:

since a couple of days ago, i got this serial film of a friend of mine. he’s older that i am, da naldo. you guys probably know it already, it’s called how i met your mother. i’ve seen it once before, but i wasn’t that interested. i don’t know why i’m watching it now. maybe because sometimes it gets boring playing dota all the time.. hha.

i’ve only seen one full season, but i think it is quite intriguing seeing how it mostly depicts real life matter, mostly about love. i don’t know that much about love, and maybe because those things that happens on your everyday television are not happening so often in the real life.. well at least in my life…. hhaha…

i would like to, someday going to the bar with my mate and got introduced with a simple line of, “hi, have you met willy?“… that would be amazing… seeing and going on a date with such ease, taking her to my place, and snuggling right away.. hhaha… man… that’s amazing..