yesterday was a saturday. me and frezy wanted to go look for new shoes to buy. there’s this sub-district in Bandung that produces a hell lot of shoes. it’s called cibaduyut. in my 4 years at bandung, i’ve never been there even once, but has heard of its ancient magical tales. hha.

after a long motorcycle ride, we arrived and found out that most of the shoes were just total shit. they were all horribly modified replicas. they might look similar to the original shoe, if you look at them from 5 km away. it was just bad work of gluing, sewing and packaging. huh. and the prices were quite similar compared to the shoes at your everyday distros and shopping centres. we were like, “now i’m not gonna come back to this place again”. ps, don’t go here to buy shoes.. hha

frezy bought a zippo earlier, it costed him somewhere at the 200k price hit. at first i thought the idea of buying such thing was just a total waste of money. but after having a good look at it, it looked pretty cool. you look rich if you have one of those. now i’m interested in getting one. hha. but it’ll take a quarter of my monthly allowance.. hha. maybe some other time.

we went to barcode at dago plaza to play some billiard. just the two of use, looking like a couple of gaybos… i’m not that good at billiard. i couldn’t even remember when was the last time i smacked the ball with them billiard sticks. so the first couple of games was just practicing for me. hitting the ball, curving, measuring, hand stance, breaking and power. frezy had been playing a lot recently, so he was much more of a pro compared to me. we played for 2 hours, and ended up paying the bill at 120k. it was 35k and hour because it was weekends evening. and two glasses of ice cream floated capuccino. haha.. what a waste of money huh..

at 9 o’clock pm, i went to meet andit and his family. they were the indonesian that were pretty close to us when we were in melbourne. his sister was taking a test for the itb and unpar entry. so the whole familiy decided to go for a holiday to bandung. andit has graduated, that was only 3.5 years of studying. damn lucky bastard. i should’ve gone there as well.. hha.. he’ll be going to harvard for an internship as well…

we all chatted until almost 11 pm. and after the parents went to bed, andit, tyo and i just talked much… hha.. it was a lot of reminiscing and manly talks.. hhaha