yesterday i went to Ganesha optical to make my glasses. it has been a long time since i realise that my eyes were becoming terrible. i’ve had eye problem since i was in Melbourne. got glasses in high school, but never actually used it except when i was in class, and only when i needed to look at the board. gradually i never used it anymore.

now i need it much more, because i know that it has become a lot worse. i can’t see the board from way beyond the back seat when i’m in class. but i never really managed to go to the optics to go for the check up. i simply forget. hha.

when i did the check, the first check up was done with an electronic eye checker. it  detects eye condition automatically. after that  was the conventional check, just to compare the result. after the second check, i decided to change what kind of lenses i would be wearing after so many tries with different lens. because it felt better. both eyes are -0.5 cylindrical, and a -1 on the left and -0.5 on the right (spherical). i’m not sure if i picked the right level of lens. but, well what i can say…. and i chose an oakley frame.

at first it, looking through the new glasses felt really weird. everything that i look seem to move accordingly. and it’s hurting my eye, and causing a little dizziness. and after using it for a while, i took it off, and everything feels weird again. my eyes feel weary. oh, damn. i think that if you’ve tried it once, you’ll have to use it constantly or maybe for the rest of your life! hha… man, how i regretted damaging my eyes. but on the other side, i look smart, and a lot more handsome. hha.