today was my second day of the semester. i had a CAD programming class in the morning. it was about computer-aided-design, where we use softwares to create products. it was a boring start. the lecturer had to tell the syllabus of the lecture for the whole two hours. he also gave out a handout about it. it was written in english. and there were tons of mistakes. i’m not sure  about who wrote it. but if it was him, damn. that’s one bad english for a doctorate.  i’m not being a smart-ass, i’m just saying.

the next class was advanced astrodynamics in the afternoon. there were only 2 participants, me and ratih. at first the lecturer asked whether we were just sitting in or were really intending to take the class. awkwardly we had to say yes. hha. we felt bad if we had to drop this class at the next PRS. but, i was really thinking of taking astrodynamics as my major, for my final project. i don’t know why, but i think that’s my best bet. we had to do a couple of reviews about the basics of astrodynamics. we felt like idiots, because the both of us answered wrongly and stupidly just like a noob duo. hha. who gives a damn…

the next class was composition. the class is about writing and composing your writings. this class will help the participants to write their report on the final project seeing how it should be taken by a student in their 8th semester. unfortunately, i have not yet taken the final projects. so, i’m thinking of dropping it. not really sure what i’ll be replacing it with. hmmm..

we played song (the card game) from afternoon. and we just finished playing. there was a lot of cheating and laughter all about. we talked about that penis ashtray and all its uses, if you know what i mean :mrgreen: we didn’t even manage to finish a single game seeing how the players were regularly replaced. suwon just made a new scoring board everytime. i had a good game. hha. i even managed to cheat with the help of my friend aid.i also helped him cheat before. hha..

i’ll sleep now.. good night