after having a little too much of thinking, i finally decided that i’ll be doing astrodynamics for my final project. the aeronautics and astronautics department has many branched specialties. the three majors are the aerodynamics, lightweight structure, and the design, operation and maintenance. i’m not sure where astrodynamics fit into, but i think it’ll be in the aerodynamics group, because it’s all about physics; newton and kepler. i think. hha

this afternoon, i had another advanced astrodynamics class. right after the end of the class, i asked the lecturer, pak ridanto, on this interest of mine on doing my final projects on astrodynamics. he was quite excited when i told him about it, because as far as i know, not many students are interested in astrodynamics. it’s as if he is accepting anyone willingly and gratefully. hha.

so then, we talked about how we’re gonna do this. he said that i could come up with a topic that i’m interested in. i had nothing specific in mind. so he said that he could come up with one or a couple, and i could just choose any of em. he already suggested that it’d be interesting if i continue the work about the upcoming final assignment for the advanced astrodynamics class. it was something about an interplanetary trajectory that will eventually create errors as it goes. so it was more like comparing two different methods of the calculation. one would be the conventional way, i guess, and the other one is by using the STK software.

i’ll drop into his office sometime soon. but, i’m still trying to think what  would be interesting enough to do.  well, i’m pretty sure that i’ll be an astrodynamics dude. hhe