i just woke up. :mrgreen: that’s right, and it’s almost midnight. hha

i went to rukun at about 6 pm. i was going to order dinner and wait for it while watching tv. i found out that nado had bought a little something that i requested. well, not much like what i requested. but similar.

when i went to Bali last time, i wanted to buy this keyring at a gift shop. but it was a dick. yup, a penis miniature that frezi ordered to me. but i didn’t buy it. because i was with my parents. it would seem terribly weird for me to buy something like that in front of my parents. so damn, i just let it go. so when nado was gonna go to Bali, i asked him to buy one. but just then, i found out that he got an ashtray that looks like a penis. let me rephrase that. IT IS A PENIS. hha :mrgreen: a huge penis with a little ashtray. it was more like a penis miniature than an ashtray.

this morning, our maid, as we call her etek, cleaned the house as usual. didit said that the penis was placed somewhere in the middle of the living room at first. when etek came and did her thing, it was later removed to some place. so we’re guessing that etek probably had the time to take a good look at it. hha. she must really be hysterical seeing how big it is. she’s one lucky maid.

well, it’s mine now. :mrgreen: