i just woke up to the sound of my ringing mobile phone. apparently someone sent me a message. i woke up and checked that it was ratih. she was asking what classes we have today, and what are my class schedule. probably because we’ve got similar classes that we go to. i decided that i’ll just write it down on my book, instead of sending it to her. i can’t be bothered to type that many characters in a text message.

i’m still half sleepy, but i’ll manage. gotta go to the bathroom, and take wudhu. i think i’ll pray first, and then take a bath. while simultaneously blogging. hha.

i’ve been quite intrigued at how mark zuckerberg lived his life to how he has become right now. i just recently watched the social network. i think it’s great. no doubt they got the best motion picture in the golden globes. i understand that if you wanna get rich, you’ll probably go through hell. i’m currently downloading a video on an interview with mark about the social network. the review was quite interesting.