since the water leak incident, my computer had been set up on the floor, not on a table where most computers should be, but on the floor. so, if i were to go on my computer i had to be in a face down position. much less like a soldier lying in prone position. hha. at first, it hurts my back. but as time goes by, it’s not much of a disturbance. sometimes i had to sit up and stretch/twist around so that my body soothes a bit. but at some other times, i just sat down, and bent my monitor upwards. i still could play computer, but my hand would hurt, cause it’s not in an ultimately perfect position.

just then, i decided that i should change back my computer set up, just how it was. i turned off my computer and started plugging off some of the cables. i placed back the screen on the table. but this time i decided to keep the cpu on the floor. it’ll have more space on the table for my right handed mouse. and yeah, after typing for 10 minutes, my back starts to hurt again. hha. i guess it’s readjusting to how it was. it seems that my spine has forgotten how it feels to type in an upward position. hha… tough luck :mrgreen:

tomorrow will be the first day of my 8th semester. yay. new semester. new class. new spirit. i”ve entered a whole 18 sks. it’s average, but much compared to most of my friends. some of my friends are only taking somewhat less than 10 sks. those are the dudes that will graduate right at the end of this semester. i’m not planning so. hha. that’s why i’m taking a few extra more.

tomorrow’s class will be at 7 in the morning, so i better sleep quick to start the day with that huge spirit that i’ve been dreaming of. hha.

good night.