it has been quite the shit for me lately.

it has been a total shit bag.

it sucks.

a couple of days ago, i could not log on to  my kaskus account. i found out that it might have been hacked, because there have been so many hacked case in the kaskus community lately. dang. i can’t log on to kaskus. well, i have my clone, but it still is not fun. there’s this particular forum that i go to all the time. it’s the english forum. so now that i don’t have my prime id, i won’t be going there for a while. because my prime id has gotten quite the name over there, hhe. i’ve reported this matter to a couple of people, including to the so powerful kaskus officer. he’s the one that usually gets the account back for the hacked ones. hopefully i’ll have it back soon as well, so i can junk back in the english forum. hha

and again, we didn’t qualify for the knock-out phase of the olimpiade ITB 2011. our team lost twice and won once. today was that second lost. shit. when the match started, we only had exactly 11 people. so, everyone, most of us were forced into playing in various positions that were never played before. the midfielder was a total shit. the ball was not flowing well. the right wing was exceptionally bad, and our left back was just shit… did i mention that i was made captain today? hha. that’s right. i don’t know why, but i became captain of the team today, even though the original captain was present. it was just for fun. dang, a bad captain debut.

we also talked about the sustainability of this team. my friends, the 2007, would not be playing the next match for KMPN. they will probably graduate this year. so, even though if there was another tournament, they won’t be playing because of focusing on their final exam, thesis and seminar. i myself, am still a long way from graduating. hha. a couple of junior asked me whether i will still be playing for the next tournament or not. and i said i could not be bothered. hha. actually it was because none of my 4 other 2007 friend might still be playing. they were probably the 4 best footballers in KMPN, the rest just sucked. dang.

now that this has come up, i really want to graduate pretty soon. i’m not even sure of my goal. i don’t care about my GPA at all. all i want is to graduate quick, and become an ITB alumni. i’m having this self personal conflict right now. i don’t know whether i should retake some classes for the chance of a better grade, or just take new classes that would possibly get me an A.  all my other friends will graduate soon… shit, what about me…. i don’t even know what i’ll be in the coming years. God please help me…

i’ve been reminiscing about many things for a couple of days now. i looked at the photo files that are in my computer. and i realised how much of an idiot i am, at this moment. i remembered how i was at that time. and i regretted not doing what i should have been doing. i really regret it. life could have been much different. this even came up in my head, the idea of what would i do if i could turn back time. i think i’ll post this next time.