on the next day we woke up early to have ourselves swim in out private swimming pool. we’ve been splashing the water since, and twice a day. night and morning. what’s the use of a swimming pool if you ain’t gonna use it right? hha

we went to tanjung benoa. there were many kinds of water sports over there. only me and my sister took part. ayah and bunda were not that interested. we tried the big marble and jet ski. big marble was one hell of a ride. it was scary. our float was pulled by a speedboat. the speedboat itself went at a maximum speed, and it did killer maneuvers. turning left and right at that speed made us drift sideways, and shit it was scary. but really fun. while jet skiing felt quite weird. it was just like riding a motorcycle. except that the we weren’t riding on roads, but waves that always move. i sometimes felt that we were going to fall off the jet ski. nahh,, it was just great.

later after that, we went to pulau penyu. while on the way there, we stopped for a single moment to have a look at the fishes within the bali coral beach. it was real pretty. there were so many colourful fishes. we had a couple slices of bread. throwing it in the water gathers so many fish, just like a mall in discount. hha.. it was good.

we arrived at pulau penyu. aside the fact that it’s called pulau penyu, there were many other animals there. it was like a mini zoo. i had the privilege to jump in to their cages and took photo with them, cause we had guides. hha. i had a photo of a 70 year old turtle. i had to lift it off, and it was damn heavy. and eagle that stood on my shoulder. and a snake that curled by my body, now i know why the snake is a cold-blooded creature. hhe..

we got back from our journey, and we had lunch in a restaurant that had a beach-view. i forgot what it was called, damn. and everything there was damn expensive. it seems that the prices referred to the current dollar. a kilo of fish was like a frickin 300k rupiah. it was a rip-off. but we still ate there. hha..

later, we went to kuta. this place was like a city in australia, cause all you could see was bules and they all had the australian accent. hhahaha… the dudes walked around on a surfing type of clothes. some of them didn’t even have shirts on. the ladies just tried to look sexy and all.. and they were.. hhaha…. we looked around, went to malls. and of course went to the beach. it was a perfectly cared beach. the long flat sand which later slanted down onto the waters. i hate to say this, but this has gotta be the best beach that i’ve ever been to. a half-naked tourists were everywhere. they were on their bikinis. it was sexy. as for the local tourists, well, they had their clothes on. damn. :mrgreen:

what’s amazing is that everyone seems to be wearing this particular singlet that had bir bintang : bali prints on its back. it was like the trend of the year. i wanted to buy one of them as well, but the seller just had to sell it at a high price, so i was like, shit….. and i ended not buying it, couldn’t be bothered in bargaining…

we went to our final destination of the day. it was gift ship. there were so many cheap-ass things over here. i bought the most things amongst my family. it was for my friends (and not all of them got it)hhaha..

we went home, and went to surabaya the next morning…