okay then. here it goes…

on the 5th of January,  I went to Bali. well, with my family of course. it was a family holiday after all. :mrgreen:

we flew from cengkareng straight to bali. when we arrived at ngurah rai, bali was not like how i expected it to be. it was raining. not sunny like all those ads in the magazines. hha. it has been raining in bali for quite some time. so i was not expecting it to be much sunnier in the coming few days. what’s bali when it’s raining? damn :mrgreen: i constantly kept praying for the sun to shine. hha.. but there were already some sexy ladies at the airport. there was this chick who wore black bikini and was only covered by some sort invisible cream-coloured night dress. she was hot. :mrgreen:

we arrived late afternoon. my sister willl arrive shortly later after us. she went by herself from surabaya. we arrived at the villa, and damn, how good it was… there were first a confusion of the payment, but we managed to solve it. well, the villa had two great bedrooms with huge beds, the cable tv, the outdoor style kitchen/living room and a private swimming pool. it was nice. believe me. in the afternoon we decided to go to a nearby mall, while waiting for my sister to arrive.

the next day, our driver arrived. we hired one so that he could show us around. he was friendly and quite a comedian.

we went to watch the tari keris&barong first. it was a story about some dude called ranggada, barong and whoever it was. i forgot their names. we couldn’t hear anything. and it was a rip off, we had to pay 80k for each. what’s funny is, all the audiences were bules. afterwards, we popped to sanur beach to have breakfast. many bules were sun bathing. it was a calm and nice beach. not crowded at all. the breakfast should be amazing cheap to bules. it was only 4k,  that’s like half a buck. hha…  later we went to ubud. on our way there, we could see so many handcrafts made by the balinese. there were paintings, silver/goldwares, woodcrafts, and many more. it seems that a lot of balinese made a living from this sort of thing. the government had a really nice way to show the bali culture to tourists. they had all these crafts placed along the road to ubud.

when we arrived at ubud, we went to the monkey forest. it was a forest that had monkeys all around yah.. hha.. it was quite scary. they all seem so barbaric. there were monkey fights, monkeys hanging out, and monkeys that carried their children. the monkeys were quite mischievous. at some time, they stole the tourists’ belongings. lik anything that hangs on our backpack. evil monkeys come to life. hha, and there were many bules here.

later on, we went to kintamani to have lunch. it had a great view. we could see the mountains and a lake. i think it was called batur.

later after that, we stopped at a coffee garden. they made so many coffees including the luwak coffee, ginger coffee, traditional bali coffee – male and female, some weird-ass teas as well. what amazes me from this place is the fact that all of the employees speak another language beside indonesian. i wouldn’t be too surprised if they spoke english. but they speak swedish, germans, dutch as well. i was really surprised…

and the final stop of the day is a temple. i forgot what its name is. but there’s a belief that said if you washed at least your face, you’ll be removed from all your misery and bad lucks. and hell yeah, i did wash my face :mrgreen: it was just for fun, really. hhhe. when we wanted to see the  fountain, we had to go inside. i had to wear some sort of cloth because i was wearing a short pants. i looked like a priest. hha.

the first day of my trip in Bali was great… hha