i have not been particularly well these couple of days. at one time my coughing was really hard, my body felt really hot, and what’s annoying is ive got a runny nose. i can’t be away from toilet for too long. something comes out much too often. hhaha..

maybe because how busy i was, preparing for my seminar presentation. it was a realy important one. now that it’s over with, i fell great. although i still need to submit the final report. it’s due on the 3rd of january. but that is still next year :mrgreen: i’ve got another exam left. but that’s also next year. :mrgreen:

well anyways, i’ve been having a strange feeling while i’m asleep lately. i’m not really sure if it’s a dream.

so this is what happened.

i was sleeping. i felt an earthquake. i opened my eyes. and slept right back again.


i didn’t even get up and run around in panic. that’s it, i wake up, and sleep back again. so ignorant, that i even prefer dying in sleep, rather than being alive in panic.

truthfully it felt totally real. it was not like a dream at all. there were no unicorns or chocolate clouds in this one. there were no images in my mind at all. it was just the feeling that my body felt.

and it has happened 3 times now.