i got a call from Bunda yesterday night. i picked it up, and she was asking about ipod nano. i was quite surprised when she brought that up. since when was Bunda a technological kinda person. so then i asked again, why? and it all started with the reply, “well, i’m in batam“… and i was like.. whaaaattttt???….. :mrgreen:

Bunda was travelling, doing some business. i didn’t know that she was going there till she said it that very moment. my sister knew about it, and she asked for an ipod seeing how electronics are way cheaper over there. and asΒ  a greedy human being, i asked one as well :mrgreen: because last time when i had wanted to buy one, Ayah simply said a thick big fat NO. i got rejected :mrgreen: and my sister gets one, that sucks. so i asked Bunda for one. and she said she’ll see..

this morning Bunda called again, and she said “i got you one as well” …. yayyyy…. freebie….

but then Bunda asked, “are you coming home to Padang this holiday?”.

“nope. i don’t think so”, i answered.

and Bunda said, “when will i give this ipod to you then?”

i said again, “yeahh.. weren’t we going to go to Bali? just bring it then.”

and then Bunda suddenly said, “oh yeah i forgot to tell you. Kakak is in Bali right now…. hhaha”

i was like, “whaaaattttttttttttt???”

she was going on holidays with some of her friends. she has a friend who lives in Bali. and she got invited to stay over. WTF? what about our holiday… well, who knows, we’ll see about that..

and then Bunda said again, “it’s funny how we’re all everywhere. Ayah in Padang. I’m in Batam. You in Bandung. and Kakak in Bali… hhhhaa”