anyone watched it? i bet that all tvs in indonesia were turned on at 3 in the morning. if you love football then you must have watched it. if you ain’t cool then you a fool… *wtf :mrgreen:

well back to topic. for those who didn’t see the match, real madrid was slaughtered. i thought i was i watching barca vs almeria, or barca vs regina, or some other shitty team that would look totally useless on front of barca 😦 i was rooting for real madrid, not that i like madrid, but i happen to have a madrid football costume. i bought it because Kaka and CR moved in. well, they were slaughtered 5-0. totally annihilated.

Real madrid played like total crap. i’m guessing that it went that way prolly because most of the madrid line ups were new players in the team. the tension of the grand el classico simply made them piss their pants. while in previous matches, players like ozil and khedira were brilliant at all times. and i’m also guessing that the players aren’t all that close to each other yet. ozil/khedira can’t even speak Spanish… compare them to the barcelonians… 80% of the lineups were the Spain’s team starter. they must have kissed each other before and then… 😯

the most interesting thing is the fight.

ronaldo shoved pep. and everyone goes nuts. did you guys actually see that incident? pep had the ball in his hands. ronaldo asked for it. but pep threw it away to someone else. and ronaldo shoved pep… i play football as well you know. so i know how it feels to be on a losing team against your arch-rivals. ronaldo must have been pissed at pep for not giving him the ball. that’s normal. and when all others barcelonians came by to say hi, i think that’s normal as well. but who cares, as long as they fight, it’s great :mrgreen:

the final incident, where sergio ramos seemed intendedly whooping messi’s legs. all barcelona players were pissed. and suddenly it became a bloodbath of shoves :mrgreen: it’s funny to see how they are in the same Spanish team. ramos pushed puyol and xavi. pique was having a go at ramos. alonso tried hard to break the fight. arbeloa and valdes ran half field to calm their players. and the greatest part was when iker casillas came in and took command as the captain of the Spanish team. you see how much respect valdes and pique had for casillas. they backed out, and somehow seemed tormented when casillas was there.

it’s a shame really. a conflict within the team, just because of some argentinian player. not that i hate messi, but it’s kinda weird. :mrgreen: who would though that ramos would act like that to his own Spanish teammates… on the contrary, it was great to watch. maybe ramos should’ve stabbed all of em.. and turn evil :mrgreen:

and here’s the last minute video..