last saturday, KMPN held a music night. it was more like a stress relieving night. maybe because BPP will be re-elected. so they’re having a great fun time before LPJ. there were sausage barbecues with some paprica, onion and pineapple. quite delicious.  cans of tebs that remained from the last aeroexpo became our drinks. and some baked chicken as the main course. :mrgreen:

the main event was the karaoke competition. some people entered and they had to sing a random song that was selected beforehand. hillariously idiotic. ibnu rusydi, the captain of KMPN, sang makhluk Tuhan paling sexy with some corny idiotic style. he thinks it was sexy btw :mrgreen: some new kid singing Bento with sunglasses. cracks up the whole audience. some other dude was about to sing a song that he didn’t know, bila rasaku ini rasamu, when suddenly the text didn’t came out. he started sweating while everyone started laughing. everyone was laughing at his stupid facial expression.. :mrgreen:

there were some other performers. dance. vocal group. acoustic guitars. and of course, ME :mrgreen:

Ibnu Sutowo and I sang two songs. we were supposed to sing three, but then we just sang two. don’t know why..

the first song was pria kesepian. it cracks me up when Ibnu invited everyone to sing along, going to audiences and forcing them to sing, while saying “lu kan jomblo nih bangsat. nyanyi dong!!”… everyone was laughing while the guys take turns in singing.. :mrgreen:

our second song was a song that Ibnu made and perfected by me. but it ain’t perfect yet. I never had the chance to actually complete the whole song sequence. the song should be 80% complete. but then I made it become that 80%. Ibnu only knew half of it. he’s the vocalist, so he just sang whatever he felt like… but it’s fine anyways, he’s playing with the best guitarist there is.. me :mrgreen:

as usual, i’ve got the video… here it is.. (you see the 240p below the video? if possible reset it to 360p. it’ll look better.. thanks)