my head is swirling all over the place right now… but i’ll try to post anyway.

starting last friday, a futsal tournament was held in ITB. an internal tournament between department or similarly said himpunan mahasiswa. KMPN entered the match. and i play for my team.

our first match was in friday night. i began as a starter. the match was against himatek. we won 5-1. and i scored a goal. a great goal in my opinion :mrgreen: scoring a goal for the team feels totally awesome.

our next match was today. against HMM mesin. i became starter again. the match was really tight. we made a lot of chances, but none of them ended up in the opponents net. i played a lot more than the match before. maybe because i was playing great, so the coach constantly had me playing. i had chances on front of the opponent’s goal as well, but i stupidly missed the goal.

when the second half ended, it had to be decided with a penalty. 3 shooters from each team. and i was chosen to be the shooter by my coach. second shooter.

the first shooter was my friend ibnu. he scored. next was HMM. they scored. and then my turn. my shot was blocked. and all other shooters scored their goals. score became 3-2. HMM won.

i feel like a total shit. not scoring from a penalty, when we needed that goal. we felt we deserved to win. but luck didn’t seem to be on our side. 😥

up till now, i can’t even get this thing out of my head. it feels like a trauma. penalty trauma..

sorry guys for not scoring.