recently i’ve been quite active (well not that active exactly) in kaskus. i’ve been hanging out and posting in the english section. it’s quite interesting, seeing how everyone posts in english. most of the kaskus users don’t have good english, but some of them are brilliant.

so, cause of all the euforia, i think i’ll post this one in English.

sosososososo, if you have actually been following my posts, i’ve moved out from my room recently, due to the water leak. my room is totally empty. and it has been a couple of days since the carpenter, builder, and plumber fixed it. but i’m still taking my time to move in, hoping the odor would fade away quickly.

i’ve been staying in my friend’s house. a house for 5 people. but every single night, all my other friends stay there as well. so that there are 3 to 6 guys sleeping in the living room, making it look like a refugee camp, or a mortuary at night :mrgreen: and sometimes it gets uncomfortable, cause there are not enough pillows or blankets. or sometimes there’s no more space to sleep at. hhahahaa… so this morning i decided it’s time to move back to my room.

i cleaned some stains that are sticking on the wall. they were the water that bursted out when the plumber disconnected the pipeline. with the power of rinso and the strength of my arm, the stain is gone. the wall on the picture below used to be dirty, but now look at it… quite clean huh?!?!?!? and btw, the paint wore off cause i brushed it too hard.. hhahahaha


but some other side of my room still looks bad. it’s probably because of the humidity or some other the shit that i can’t think of. fungus are growing out of it… maybe it’s too moist, soggy or shitty.. it’s not that disturbing, but only it doesn’t look good on the eye. 😥 painting it is also useless. i’ve painted it some years ago, but then again, it grows back out. damn fungus… so who cares anyway, just let it be…


i moved in every single thing. carpet, cupboard, computer, bed. and it’s back to my original room. only it looks a little different with the different setting.

i decided to put my computer on the floor. it was on the table. now i play my computer face down, on my bed. it feels great, especially while watching movies…hahahaha….

so then again.