so then again, ive decided to blog out about my life in english. my earlier english writing about the australian saga is simply abandoned. dunno why, but i just couldn’t be bothered writing about it. maybe some other time i’ll try to continue what has been started.. hhhehe…

well this week feels like real shit to me.

my room, or known as the word “kosan” in indonesia is fucked up. pipewater from the ground is directly under my floor. and it’s leaking. shit…. my carpet was wet the first time, but then i thought it might have been my bag that i left on the floor (that was also wet at that moment). but after 2 days, it’ still kinda moist. so then i pulled up my carpet, and beneath it was wet floor and stale shitty smell. god help me..

i just let it be, and pulled out ‘only’ that wet side. but then again something struck me. and i decided to check out every single corner of my room. and yes…. shit…. my floor was wet all over. water is leaking from the ground. i hope it is pipewater. what if it’s shit water from the bathroom?!?!??! fuck man. that would be just too great..

i told my landlord, and she has sent some dudes trying to fix it up. first try failed. second try failed. but i thought that it was good. but now, it;s leaking again. from 2 spots. not as much as before. but still it’s leaking wet. gonna go back see her again about this.

my room looks really empty. all there is is a big cupboard for clothes, a small one for books, a table for my other books, and a table with my computer on it. everything else has been placed outside my room, or at my friend’s place… shitty shitty shitty… and i have to sleep at my friend’s…

what makes it worse is that this week feels like a fucking rollercoaster. i’ve been getting less sleep. a lot less. i’ve slept at i’ve had 1 exam, 1 report tom my lecturer. and i’ve got another exam this morning, another homework, another report, and another presentation, and now room leakage problem…. shit dude.. i can’t even spare my time for some good rest. hhahha.. and i haven’t been playing DoTA like how i used too.

but hey,, look at the bright side, i’ve been reading/studying like a geek a lot right?? hhhahahah