on one great afternoon, we went out to a shopping center. i think it’s called barkley square. it was close by to our house, at sydney road exactly. so we decided to take a nice relaxing walk.

it was my first time being in a shopping center. not an indonesian shopping center. but melbourne’s. barkley square. it was nice. when we entered the front automatic door, it had KFC and some other fast-food selling store. damn, i forgot what they’re called. too bad my memories aren’t that good. so we went inside, and there were quite a few of department stores, and unique little shops selling weird things. there was a shop that sells all aborigin-australian souveniers, starting from the traditional boomerangs until footy balls. there were ceramics, clothing, watch and many other little shops that you can think of.

i still remember it had three department stores that sells daily needs. K-mart, BiLo and Coles. i don’t think i’ll ever forget those names. i spent a lot of time going here, buying some milk, chips, clothes, books, colas, clothes and all kinds of shit. not literally…

we decided to go to a park. it is called Princess park. Melbourne sure has tons of parks. they have spaces to spare for great green fields. unlike jakarta or padang. crowded with market and buildings. and they don’t look good either.

it was nice. truthfully. being in a park feels so great,  i just can’t get enough of it. the smell of fresh air. hmmm. how i love them. there were people on picnic i guess. with sheets of blankets on the ground, sitting down with their afternoon lunch. people playing with their dogs. frisbees and tennis balls. i wish i had a dog. i’m definitely getting one when i’m married. hhehehe…

well, there were four of us. so one had to take the picture. so yeah, there are only 3 of us max in a single photo… hhehehe