since my arrival in Melbourne, i’ve done nothing much. you can say that my mom is quite busy with her studies. she had to go early in the morning to Melbourne Uni and do things. so she never had the chance to take me somewhere. i was hoping for a trip of sightseeing. all of us. but nahhhh… it never happened. so all i did was get outside the house, breathe some precious melbourne oxygen and stand by the road, looking cars passing by, and going all over the yard, looking for snails(there were thousands of snails in my backyard. i wonder why??). i’d been wondering what the suburb looked like. but, i couldn’t be bothered. i’m simply too lazy to drag my ass around. going alone, and remember, it’s freezing cold.

tv was another reason that kept me inside the house. i thought it was interesting. i’ve been scroling through every channel. they have amazing things on show. not like the ones in Indonesia. in the morning there was a show, i think it’s called cheese tv or cheese kids. don’t remember it well. it had cartoon shows. from 6 in the morning ’till 9. it was great watching cartoon in english, especially the ones i’ve known back then. shows like pokemon, zoids, yugioh were indulging me. now, i always think how stupid i was, watching those kind of films.  ‘national geography’ was another thing. i liked knowing how whales migrate, and how the falcon eagle snatches its preys. you can say it’s my favorite kind of show. and later in the afternoon ’till night time it was mostly comedy film, such as happy days, seinfield, everybody loves raymond, and of course the simpsons. watching australian tv was awesome….

finally on one of those days, my dad took us (and my sister)out for a morning walk. it was so cold, i had to wear thick jumpers and trousers. I asked my dad where were we going?? and he said ‘I have no idea”, with a laugh… we crossed the road and kept walking. kicking pebbles as we went through roads, seeing buildings and people. everyone smiled at us, when we look at them. really friendly. it was different, compared to Padang…hhahaha…

finally we ended up in park. i swear to God, they never had these kind of thing in Padang. and they still don’t have one right now… it was beautiful. it was all green. lots and lots of trees, bushes. they even had ponds… there were bike tracks and also playgrounds… i could see quite a lot of people. jogging with headsets stuffed up their ear. a group of cyclist. there were children with parents on the playground, playing on those many things(i never knew what they were called. those horse riding thingy, and swinging things…hhhehe..).. everyone was actually having a ‘morning time’. setting up breakfast on tables, and even barbecuing things… they definitely don’t do this in Padang..hheehe..

we spent the next half an hour there. walking around  and checking every corner of the park. ducks were swimming in ponds. trees were dancing, blown by the wind. looking at people smile. laughs were everywhere. joyful. we finally went back, retracing our steps of course(we’d probably get lost if not) back home.

having seen all of that.. it felt a lot more..umm.. i don’t really know how to say it. but i was pretty sure that i’m starting to love it. i love being here, in Melbourne