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Earliest memory

I guess it is one of the hardest things for a person to recall what happened in their past. Most of it would be too blurry to frame into one clear memory. You would not believe what had happened to you, unless of course your parents convinced you that it did happen to you. Probably it’s just because many things have happened to yourself, that only the important ones are kept intact. So much for brain power.

The most perfectly shaped memory of my early self  is when I was still back in Melbourne. I think I was still 3 years old.

It was in the morning. The sun was bright. My parents decided to go for  a walk, and they took me and my sister with them. I was in my green baby-suit, it was more like a baby tracksuit. I must have looked flashy.

We were on the sidewalk. Cars passed by. My sister and I were eating ice cream. I’m not sure how did that ice cream get into my hands. Ice cream truck? Mart? No idea. One thing for sure, the ice cream was mickey mouse. Baca lebih lanjut

Dengan kaitkata

Letter to Future-me

Have you ever written a letter to yourself, to be read a year from now? You don’t hear that everyday. Hha.

I’ve just read an article on the net about this. It was posted in the WordPress daily post. No specific instructions. Only write one, and open it the year later, and see how surprised you are at what you wrote or maybe found how interesting the experience was, or not.

Surprisingly enough, there were many comments on it that I thought was quite interesting. The people that had wrote the letter the year before were quite surprised at what they had done the year later. Most of them wrote things as simple as expectancies for the next year, like “I will do this”, “I would have done that by now”, or “I would have traveled there” and such things. Someone actually said they wrote “I’m gonna find a cure for cancer” which I think is totally hilarious. No matter how serious it is you’ll probably still have a good crack at what you had written.

Having things not working out as what you thought it would be, is pretty hilarious. Especially if it is something so important. Well, I hope it will be funny, because I’m really thinking of writing a letter to future-me. Hopefully I’ll have a good laugh next year.

Come to think of it, I’ve always been wondering what will my life become next year. Will I have graduated? Will I go out on dates again (I just recently had one. Hha)? Will I go to Malaysia (to watch some freestyle soccer competition that Didit want to go to), or maybe somewhere close, Pangandaran (this holiday plan has never come to realisation. damn). Will I go bungee jumping although how impossible it seems? Hha.

It struck me so hard I nearly pissed my pants, hha. I thought it might work as a motivation to myself, seeing how much distress I’m in right now. So here goes. Baca lebih lanjut

Dengan kaitkata


Karena ga ada kerjaan, gw liat-liat poto dalam kompie gw, dan nemu sebuah poto dalam kompie gw nih (yang kebetulan udah di edit dari jaman yang dulu, tapi blom pernah diekspos).

Kalo ga salah ini penampilan terakhirnya si yok sebagai manajer UKM. Biasanya personil penampilan diambil secara random, palingan siapa yang bisa dan mau ikut. Tapi entah kenapa, anak-anak 07 pengen nampil rame-ramean. Kalau ga salah alasannya biar bisa foto barengan sambil make batik. Hhaha…

2 kok jadi lebih mahal

Beberapa hari yang lalu, gw ama preman-preman kosan gw pergi makan ke cisitu atas. Saat makan, kita jadi inget salah satu cerita tragis yang pernah dialamin sama si yoka, temen gw yang jago main bola dan idola kampus karena kegantengannya yang 11 12 ama gw.

Jadi sinopsisnya gini. Si Yok beli makan di deket kosan gw, cisitu gang 2 (ini jaman-jaman awal kuliah), di teteh mirah, dan dia pengen beli kerupuk buat makan. Saat mau bayar, pembicaraannya lebih kurang kaya gini.

Si Yok : Kerupuknya berapaan teh?

Si teteh : 200 rupiah aja.

Si Yok : Hmm.. Tadi saya ngambil 2.

Si teteh : Kalau gitu, jadi 500 rupiah.

Si Yok : …… (kaget dengan kemampuan matematik si teteh, dan dengan relanya ngeluarin 500an tanpa sepatah kata pun…)

Hhahaa… Waktu denger cerita ini gw langsung ngakak guling-guling ampe kamar mandi. Kita jadi bingung antara ngambil 2 kesimpulan yang sama-sama tololnya. Si teteh emang ga bisa jumlah-jumlahan, atau memang itu udah S.O.P.nya jual-beli di warung makan si teteh. hha..

Lagian, adanya juga satu kerupuk 300, 2 kerupuk jadi 500. Gitu kan?!

Dunia memang aneh.. Hhhehe..

great line from a movie

You still go to bed every night going every detail and wonder what you did wrong or how you could have misunderstood, and how in the hell for that brief moment you could think that you were happy.

One of the greatest lines from a movie. It’s supposed to be a lot longer. But eh… just took this part.

Yeah, it may not look much, but y’all know what it means after you’ve read it. Think about it.


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